Wednesday, March 14, 2018

"3 For 2" Memorable Recaps

Before going into the new year with fresh new questions and advice, lets revisit 3 of the most talked about questions from our viewers seeking advice...

1. My sister in law is a widow and lives with us. She walks around in bra and panties. my wife says no big deal. Is this normal? - Mike360

Rikki - Normal? I beg to differ lol. I'm sure this can be a bit awkward for you. As it is your home also, speak to your wife about how you feel about it, and talk to your sister in law about it--it's your home as well and you and your wife should be on the same page. This is totally inappropriate. Hope there's no children in the home.

Petrie - Dear Mike360....that's a HUGE problem & u should talk to your wife & let her know it makes u uncomfortable & also it's disrespectful....ask her how would she feel if your single brother lived with ya'll & he walked around in his boxers & no shirt!!!! Good luck Peach

2. My brother is in prison and I just found out one of his Frat brothers is sleeping with his girlfriend. My sister said don't tell him right now because he has enough stress being behind bars. I think I should tell him because she goes to see him & talks to him almost everyday while totally disrespecting him behind his back! What should I do? - Echo111

Petrie - Dear Echo, there's a few questions/answers u need to ask yourself #1. how long has your brother been in prison? #2 when will he get out? #3 how long has he been with this girl? The reason I ask is because if he has a long bid I say not to tell him (he would go crazy in there u don't want that) & even though she's allegedly sleeping with his frat brother she is still going to see him & holding him down, so why messed that up? Its obvious she loves him or she wouldn't be going at all. On top of that if the shoe were on the other foot would u tell on your brother? I say either way keep your mouth shut, what would u be gaining by telling him that? Goodluck....Petrie

Rikki - Echo111, Thats a tough one. What's his temperament like? How does he normally handle "bad news"? While it is true, you never want to give someone with NOTHING but time to think about things, something to think about (makes sense?). You also don't want him to feel like he's had a "down ass chick" all this time. If it were my situation, I would definitely tell my brother. I would hate to have to, but I would tell him. I'd rather him be fired up while inside about a false reality, than to have him believe in the false reality thats waiting for him when he gets out of prison. Either way---this is a tough one.

3. My boyfriend wants us to have sex on the streets of Time Square this New Years Eve when the ball drops. He wants his brother to tapes us while we do it also. I really don't want to do it but I promised him I would. What should I do?   -Camera Shy

Petrie - Dear camera shy......I would have a long talk with my boyfriend and tell him your concerns and why u do not want to do it. I'm all for spontaneous fun but to video it & by his brother no less I don't think that's a good idea. U can change your mind people do it everyday boo don't be scared......Petrie

RikkiCamera Shy,  On the streets or in the car? I'm always one for thrill--but this one definitely depends on the type of risky AND risqué person you are. Times Square + New Years Eve + The Ball Dropping= THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE and tons of law enforcement. So its definitely up to you if you want to take that chance or not. Not to mention the websites and social networks you guys will end up on if you're caught! However, if you are considering the car as your place of "business" then it may not be as public. Trying to start of the new year with a "Bang" huh? 


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