Friday, March 3, 2017

Spring 2017

1. Women complain that we look at them as sex objects, yet many of them go and get breast & butt implants? Isn't that the reason why they do it? To be looked at sexually? - Trey808

RikkiTrey808, Good question. Sometimes women do it to appeal to others. Sometimes women do it to appeal to themselves. Self-esteem is often a factor in a woman wanting to change her outward appearance. And sometimes quite frankly, its for a come up. Strippers and video vixens are the "rave" nowadays, and if placed in the right situation, a woman will do whatever to fit in.

Petrie - Dear Trey808, Most women do it cause they have low self esteem and are looking for attention good or bad. That's only my opinion though...

2. I'm a 28 year old black man, my wife is 31 & caucasian. She voted for Trump, I didn't agree but I respected her choice. Now things are getting uneasy because she continues to talk politics in front of our 4 year old. Saying things about Mexicans, Asians & Muslims. I tell her it sounds racist & she swears it's not. I've asked her not to discuss these things in front of our child & she still does. What should I do? - MilesAway

Rikki - MilesAway, This is a tough one. Reminds of the importance of being equally yoked, in Biblical terms. Its one thing to be a republican while your spouse is a democrat. Its another to be a supporter of a nationally recognized bigot. It would seem unreal that your wife is one of the "closet-racists" that people talk about and bash on social media, since she not only married, but bore a child from, an African American. It could be that she agrees with some of his views. I have a really good Caucasian friend who adores not only me, but my husband and children as well. And she is/was a Trump Supporter (not sure how she feels now that he's running a muck.) But I knew that whatever she agreed with, it wasn't the racist POV that intrigued her. Its time for you guys to have a serious sit down. I mean serious. Hopefully she respects YOU enough to respect your wishes to not raise up your child with toxic views.

Petrie - Dear MilesAway, this is a very tough question. My question to you is did y'all discuss your political/religious beliefs & views & if y'all had kids how would they be raised before you got married? If you did all these before hand I don't think you would be running into these types of problems now. My advice to you is to really have a talk with your wife without your child around & tell her how you honestly feel about the situation and maybe y'all can come to some sort of arrangement where as there are boundaries set. Like church & state, home is church, there's no political talk at all period. State is when your entertaining with other adults or the car when they kids aren't around etc. But there has to be clear boundaries that should not be crossed....hope this helps.

3. I've been married 7 years and the last 4 have been terrible. We argue, yell & never agree on anything. I was raised to believe in the sanctity of marriage but does "for better or worse" mean that no matter how miserable you are, you must stay until you just die???  - MiserableMe

Rikki - MiserableMe, Yes marriage is supposed to be for better or worse. And I am one of those people who believe that getting married means that you are in it forever. But sometimes forever doesn't work out. Studies show that marriages that last 7 years will last damn near forever. But at the same time, if you feel unhappy, you cannot allow the "laws" of marriage to keep you in a situation where you are not happy. I would encourage you guys to try positive options prior to calling it off. Like counseling or even mild separation. Every marriage doesn't last. Every marriage isn't happily ever after. Some marriages, like other relationships, are meant to be seasonal lessons. Best of luck to you guys.

Petrie - Dear MiserableMe, in these days and times the sanctity of marriage is not respected like the good ole days of our grandparents & great grandparents. This generation gives up to quickly, but it seems to me that you have been trying to stick it out and the bad years out weigh the good years. If that's the case you have to be honest with yourself and do what's best for you. I don't know if there are kids involved but this is a decision you shouldn't take lightly. I would weigh the Pros & Cons, write them down and have a talk with your partner and take it from there. Wishing you the best!


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