Monday, September 5, 2016

September/October 2016

1. I’m 26 and I’ve been in a serious relationship for over 2 years. He says he loves me but he never compliments me or gives me any attention. He hangs out with his friends all the time & when he’s not he’s playing video games with his friends. I’ve told him how I feel & he says I’m just nagging. What should I do? - NuRose22

Cruzita: NuRose22 How did you become serious for two years with a man that has never made you a priority??? No compliments??? Where you meet his ass...Chuck E. Cheese??? Girl Bye!!! Dump his juvenile ass ASAP!!!  Get an application for him to work at Game Stop and keep it moving!!!!

2. For the past 3 months my wife keeps saying my step-brother’s name in her sleep. She says it’s nothing but she never wants to be around him at family events, she doesn’t want him in our home either. When I ask why she says she just doesn’t like him. I think something is going on. What do you think? - Anonymous

Cruzita: Dear Anonymous... UNLESS he touched your wife in her "special place" without permission or AGAINST HER WILL, he shouldn't be heavy on her mind. Sorry to say this, but something transpired between the two of them that's causing her discomfort. I don't believe anything is currently going on. However, I do believe there is 50 shades of shadiness going on. What other reason would she call out his name for three months?????

3. Someone stole $500 from my mothers house about 6 months ago. She’s convinced it was her niece & this has caused major problems between my mom & my aunt. I can’t prove it but I think my 16 yr old sister took the money. When I confronted her she got upset but she never denied it. Should I tell my mom about my suspicions or just let it go?  - Molly-O

Cruzita: Molly... Let the past go if there is no valid proof. I wouldn't wake that sleeping dog. Let peace be still. Assumptions makes an ass of us. Just be sure next time, make sure your eyes aren't wide shut. Be aware...


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