Friday, March 4, 2016

March/April 2016

1. Hello I'm 19 and I'm a virgin. My girlfriend & I have decided to have sex and I want to be good. My friends tell me there's a certain sexual position that makes a woman bark like a dog. Is this true?  
- FersTymer

Petrie: Dear FersTymer, I'm 43 yrs old almost 44 (@ the end of February), I've been married my whole adult life & I've been a nurse for over 20 years & never in my 43 years of life/career have I heard of such a position. Not to say it doesn't exist because I never heard of it. I did some research of my own because you made me curious lol, & this is what I found....

When most people look at this position, they think  It looks like regular ol’ doggie style.” It looks like regular doggie style; it feels like something new. Here’s why: thanks to the positioning of the male body, females will experience a new stimulation to areas they never thought existed.

Women will start off kneeling down with their arms slightly in front of them. Men will get into the standard doggie position, except this time, males will place their hands on the bed. This position will change the angle of the penis just enough to make each thrust more appealing.

Why She’ll Love It:
Ladies will experience a heightened sense of stimulation. From this position, women will notice the big difference of the man’s positioning. More importantly, women can use one hand to stimulate their breasts while the man thrusts in and out.

Why He’ll Love It:
Men, you’ll be doing most of the work, but that doesn’t mean that you should sit their quietly. Whispering sweet gestures as to what you want her to experience will elevate her desire to orgasm. Use this time too to focus on hitting the right angle for improved stimulation.

About This Position:
Sex Position Number: 74
Difficulty: For Novice Couples
Pleasure for Him: High
Pleasure for Her: High

I hope this helps. Sorry none of the things I found stated you barking like a "Dog." Maybe that's made up. Good luck and be careful, protect yourself. This is your first time it should be enjoyable. And you should be doing it with someone who loves you & wants to be with you. Never settle, if this is what u want, go for it!

Rikki: FersTymer, NOT THAT I KNOW OF! LOL!! The only way you can get her to bark like a dog is if you tell her that's your thing and shes willing to do it just for you *wink*. Good luck!

2. My boyfriend has been told many times that he looks like the actor Ice Cube. Lately he wants to put on the Friday & Barbershop movies while we have sex. He even wants me to call him Cube while we're doing it! Should I be worried?  -CC816

Petrie: Dear,CC816, I don't think you have anything to be worried about go with the Flow Role play Boo,Spice it up,he will get over it its just a phase,but if down the line (like2- 6months)&he still has thinks he is Cube,get him some help lol. Good luck, keep us posted

Rikki: CC816, I wouldn't be worried per se. There's nothing wrong with creativity and role play. Now if he knocks you out like Cube did Debo, that's another story lol. Have fun and be creative :-)

3. Does sleeping with a guy on the first night make me a slut? I did it, now I'm hoping this guy doesn't think I'm one.

Petrie: Dear ????, no I do not think your a slut,obviously you really liked him & you guys had chemistry I'm assuming both of you are grown? If he's a mature adult he wouldn't judge you for sleeping with him on the first night. You weren't by yourself, he slept with you as well, but nobody will call him a slut. If you did it because you wanted to & you enjoyed it why worry what others think? Especially the person u had it with he was a willing participant as you were. Don't beat yourself about it, walk in your truth. If he senses that your insecure or self conscious about it, he will play on that, you don't owe him an explanation (like I never done that before, etc...) y'all were in the moment, you did what u wanted to do. Own it, what's done is done now so you might as well own it because if you're a slut he is too! KABoom! Lol

Rikki: Anonymous, Sleeping with a guy on the first date does not make you a slut. The term slut is usually reserved for women who have multiple partners and are very promiscuous. Sleeping with a guy on the first date will make you look fast, not necessarily like a slut. But making that a habit will definitely earn you a title that you may not want to hold.

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