Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January/February 2016

1. I had my daughter at a very young age with my 8th grade Science teacher. She went to jail & my mom got custody of our child. My daughter is 11 years old now & she knows I'm her dad. She recently told me all she wanted for her 12th birthday is to see her mommy (we told her about 6 years ago that her mom was deported). Should I tell her where her mom really is & why she's there? - Anonymous

Petrie: Dear Anonymous, I think you should tell her she is old enough now to understand what's going on& if she is asking you to see her mom & you continue to lie to her she will be angry at you because you weren't honest with her. Once you tell her the truth, let her make the decision on whether or not she still wants to see her in jail....wishing you nothing but the best & that everything works out for you. Keep us posted please....GodSpeed Petrie~~~~~~

Rikki: Anonymous, 11 is a very sensitive age. And I would definitely tread lightly with this story. I would involve your mother as much as possible considering your mother raised her as her own. This is tough--I'm not truly sure if an 11yr old is ready to hear the harsh truth. Especially since it may open up a larger conversation on statutory rape etc. But then again, lying to her isn't right also. Consult with your mother, and your science teacher--and make a unanimous, caring decision for your daughter's best interest. Just know--THIS WONT BE EASY.

2. My boyfriend looks so much like my dad & acts like him too. My mom has told me stories about my dads cheating ways before I was born and how he cleaned up his act. I can't stop thinking that my man could be his son! Should I confront my dad with my suspicions or just let it go? -ShesConfused

: Dear ShesConfused, Most definitely ask your dad & your boyfriend, especially if you really like this guy. Have u met his parents?  These are questions you need to be asking ASAP! And FURTHERMORE I hope you haven't had SEX with him yet. Hoping everything works out for you, let us know what happens....GodSpeeed....Petrie~~~~~~

Rikki: ShesConfused, I would confront him! It's DEFINITELY possible! Ask your boyfriend questions about his dad to see if that drops any hints. But yes! Ask! You would hate to get serious, settle down, marry and start a family just to find out that he's your brother.

3. My boss is a jerk! He constantly yells & makes everyday so stressful for everyone. He's very mean. The other day I saw one of the assistants spit in his tea. At first I didn't care but then I thought of how she gets tea & coffee for everyone in our section. Should I tell my boss what I saw? - HardLabor11

Petrie: Dear HardLabor11, I would confront the assistant & let her know u saw what she did, I wouldn't tell your boss, give her a chance to redeem herself & get your own coffee or tea if you don't trust her. I hope this helps, GodSpeed,Petrie~~~~~~

Rikki: HardLabor11, I think that its possible that she was just upset with the boss. We've all had those days where we wished we could have flattened our boss' tire, even if we have never acted out our thoughts Lol. I wouldn't worry if she's done it for you guys, unless you've all pissed her off! So no, if you have a good relationship with your co-worker, I would just laugh it off. However, if she cant stand you, chances are you occasionally drink her spit buddy! :)

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