Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November/December 2015

1. My brother is in prison and I just found out one of his Frat brothers is sleeping with his girlfriend. My sister said don't tell him right now because he has enough stress being behind bars. I think I should tell him because she goes to see him & talks to him almost everyday while totally disrespecting him behind his back! What should I do? - Echo111

Petrie: Dear Echo, there's a few questions/answers u need to ask yourself #1. how long has your brother been in prison? #2 when will he get out? #3 how long has he been with this girl? The reason I ask is because if he has a long bid I say not to tell him (he would go crazy in there u don't want that) & even though she's allegedly sleeping with his frat brother she is still going to see him & holding him down, so why messed that up? Its obvious she loves him or she wouldn't be going at all. On top of that if the shoe were on the other foot would u tell on your brother? I say either way keep your mouth shut, what would u be gaining by telling him that? Goodluck....Petrie

Rikki: Echo111, Thats a tough one. What's his temperament like? How does he normally handle "bad news"? While it is true, you never want to give someone with NOTHING but time to think about things, something to think about (makes sense?). You also don't want him to feel like he's had a "down ass chick" all this time. If it were my situation, I would definitely tell my brother. I would hate to have to, but I would tell him. I'd rather him be fired up while inside about a false reality, than to have him believe in the false reality thats waiting for him when he gets out of prison. Either way---this is a tough one.

2. Am I a bad person because I'm considering breaking up with my girlfriend because she won't give me oral sex? - T2k

Petrie: Dear T2k, No you're not a bad person. U like what u like, you're entitled to that & if u feel u can't go without it & it's a deal breaker then by all means break up with her. But at least talk to her & tell her how u feel, & if she's not willing to compromise then u need to cut your losses Bye Felicia lol.....Petrie

Rikki: T2k, No. You are not a bad person. You're just a dude who's not in love with your girlfriend.

3. Long story short, my wife has become constantly horny. Is this a normal female 30-something midlife type of change? - Iwonder

Petrie: Dear Iwonder, Yes it's totally normal. She knows her body & she knows what she likes & don't like. You should be a very happy man so stop complaining & get it in!!!!Lol....Petrie

Rikki: Iwonder, LOL! Although I would not say that it is/isn't customary at that particular age, I will say she may either be on a new medication, supplement, or vitamin, that has increased her drive. But if she's newly "thirty-something," she could also be trying to keep the spice because she's getting older lol. Just pop a viagra and give the woman what she wants ;-)

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