Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September/October 2015

1. My husband told me that after a few beers a friend admitted relieving himself fantasizing of me. I acted disgusted but it excites me. Am I bad?  - elle 304

Petrie - Dear Elle, no judgements,  if it excited u, it excited u. But the better question you should be asking yourself is do u like your husbands friend & why would your husband tell u that about his friend? I know personally if my husbands friend told him something like that about me that wouldn't be his friend anymore & he wouldn't have any teeth in his mouth lol.....good luck Peach

Rikki - Elle304, That doesnt make you bad, it just makes you a FREAK! ;-P Hey, if that's your style, that's your style! I just wouldnt be so quick to tell your husband, or he may start to think that you are interested in his friend sexually. 

2. If after 6 dates your guy makes absolutely no sexual advance toward you, would you initiate, or give him up as a hopeless case?  - NoLuv

Petrie - Dear Noluv, No I wouldn't give him up as a hopeless case necessarily, it would definitely be a topic of conversation before I initiate anything. Maybe he is taking it slow or wants to be friends. I would talk to him....Peach

Rikki - NoLuv, Depends on YOU, and what values you’ve placed on yourself. Me personally, if I was attracted to the guy enough and had enough chemistry with them, (and was feeling the sexual frustration building up, haha) then I would definitely put my flirtatious hints on 100 and work towards some advancing. But you have to admire a guy that doesnt want you for just sex, and enjoys you for you…right? 

3. I'm in college & I've been seeing this guy for almost three months. When we're together it's great, but when we're in school & he's around his friends he acts like he barely knows me. It really annoys me. Am I over reacting & why do you think he acts this way? - Anonymous

Petrie - Dear Anonymous, it could be a number of reasons why he acts this way,I would ask him& if it continues after u bring it to his attention then that's a problem,if it annoys u tell him how is he suppose to know if u don't tell him?

Rikki - Anonymous, Although I do not think that you are over-reacting, with me being a woman of low-tolerance, I do not understand why you have yet to confront him about it. And why, being 3 months in, you are taking him so seriously. Girl play the game! Act the same way! Act like he's not such a big deal and watch him become one *wink*

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