Monday, July 6, 2015

July/August 2015

1. I am 26 and I just found out my dad is cheating on my mom. I have seen the IMs. Is it a bad idea if I threaten the woman? Should I tell mom? - Reena

Petrie - Dear Reena, if I were u I would confront my dad, let him know that u know that he is cheating on your mom & if he doesn't tell her u will. Then if your mom decides to stay or go it won't be on you. Wish u the best. Under no circumstances do u threaten the woman it's not her fault, u do not know what your dad is telling her or told her to get her. Hold him accountable, he is the one married to your mother not her.....Petrie

Rikki - Reena, if you are really close to your father, have the conversation with him. Let him know how you feel about it, and depending on the relationship you two have, threaten to tell your mom. Don't threaten the other woman, as that would not help the situation at all. I would take it up with your father. I know if it were me, and I caught my father doing something wrong to my mother, I would threaten the hell outta him :-) But my dad and I are really close so that would be a natural route for me to take.

2. While I was away on vacation I cheated on my boyfriend. I slept with 2 guys (on different nights) and I feel horrible. Last year he admitted to me he kissed a girl, he said he felt so bad he had to tell me. Should I tell him what I did? - CheetaGirl

Petrie - Dear CheetaGirl, what goes on on vacation stays on vacation, so if your conscious is not bothering you why tell? Good luck with that....Petrie

Rikki2 guys on 1 vacation??? How long were you away? Damn girl! Better not be a weekend or else you are really suspect lol. I mean if he was honest with you, I don't see why you shouldn't be honest with him. Keep in mind though, your wrong was WAY worse than his wrong! And he may just end up walking after that confession.

3. You guys are awesome! I read 3 for 2 all the time. You give great advice, my question is when you guys need advice who do you go to?  - Shan

Petrie - Dear Shan, you're so sweet thank you & to answer your question, I ask Rikki or Hasan lol.....Petrie

Rikki - Shan, First let me say thank you! I am glad that you keep up with our column! And to be honest, I'm always the advisor, and rarely the advisee. Amongst my friends and co-workers, I'm the "go-to" person for advice and suggestions. Unfortunately, since I'm always the one that people come to, I can't go to these same people for advice lol. I have a couple of friends who can give suggestions here and there, and I can ask my husband's advice regarding some things. But I guess I've been through so many things that it makes me more capable of helping others. Keep reading!! We appreciate it!


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