Monday, March 9, 2015

March/April 2015

1. I found out my girlfriend has explicit content on the Internet, I confronted her about it and she screamed at me for being on those type of sites! She says that only men that aren't happy in their relationships are on those sites. Should I try to explain what I was on the site for or should I just leave her for actually being on there?  -  E.Hon

Petrie - Dear E.Hon, I would blast her ass how dare her scream on you for the same thing she is doing,only guilty people do that. I would let her know that I know she's on those sites & what does she have to hide? I don't think you should leave her over it, but I would definitely confront her sneaky ass & proceed with caution, best wishes, Peach

Rikki - E.Hon, I'm the type of woman who also would not appreciate my spouse grazing those kinds of sites. But putting that aside, we cant completely neglect the point here: your girlfriends participation on the site. This isn't one of those 'don't look for things or else you may find something' kinds of situations. I'm sure you didn't go on there hoping to find her. So its definitely something yall should discuss. Maybe its material from her past, but either way, you wont be able to get over it easily. So talk about it.

2. Hello Ladies, I love your column! I have one question, were you honest with man about the number of sex partners you had before him? - Taj AZ

Petrie - Dear Taj, thank u very much, really appreciate the love.... To answer your question yes I was honest, because if he doesn't like the answer he should of never asked the question, Period!!!! Always be honest for yourself & your well being, always Peach

Rikki - Taj Az, Absolutely. Every guy I have ever dated knew my 'number.' There was no reason to hide it. My current partner is not only my husband but he was my childhood best friend first. So he already knew my number before we dated ;-).

3. I just started dating a girl I had a crush on for awhile but she goes to college 3 hrs away. Could this work? If so what can I do to make it last? - Alexx

Petrie - Yes it can work if the both of u are willing to be committed to each other. Call, Skype, glide, write letters to each other & go visit when u can. Wishing you good luck in your relationship, Peach

Rikki - Alexx, Long distance relationships aren't for everyone. But they can work. My marriage is a product of one. And we weren't no where near ONLY 3hrs away. You can definitely make this work. Utilize your weekends to see each other. Use video chats. Keep things fun. Send her random little gifts or cards/letters in the mail. This can totally work. We made ours work with about 9 states between us. I know another happily married couple who also started off long distance for about the first 10yrs of their relationship lol. 3hrs away sounds like a piece of cake if you are worth it to each other


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