Monday, January 5, 2015

January/February 2015

1. My sister in law is a widow and lives with us. She walks around in bra and panties. my wife says no big deal. Is this normal? - Mike360

Rikki - Normal? I beg to differ lol. I'm sure this can be a bit awkward for you. As it is your home also, speak to your wife about how you feel about it, and talk to your sister in law about it--it's your home as well and you and your wife should be on the same page. This is totally inappropriate. Hope there's no children in the home.

Petrie - Dear Mike360....that's a HUGE problem & u should talk to your wife & let her know it makes u uncomfortable & also it's disrespectful....ask her how would she feel if your single brother lived with ya'll & he walked around in his boxers & no shirt!!!! Good luck Peach

2. Is it a problem if your spouse has to watch a 10 minute porn video before having sex with you? This happens every time I'm about to have sex with my wife. - Chris Cost 81

Rikki - Let me get this straight--your wife needs to 'warm up' before having sex with you? Her seeing others engage in sexual activity is what gets her ready for you. Are you good at foreplay? Are you a passionate lover? This may be what's missing. You don't 'do it' for her. Try to step up your foreplay game and add some more passion to things. She's getting turned on by something she's not getting in real life. Hell, watch porn with her next time to see what her body is responding to. It may help to learn a few tricks ;-)

Petrie - Dear Chris cost81....that's a question u have to ask yourself & how does your wife feel about it? Are u not attracted to her? Is it a mental thing? Did u have to watch porn before to have sex with her or is this a new thing? Those are some things I would ask to get to the root of the problem....Best Wishes,Peach

3. When ever my husband and I have company over he acts different. He gets all macho & tries to boss me around. He doesn't yell but he acts like he's the king & I'm just nothing. I've talked to him about it & he says I'm imagining things. Should I check his ass in front of our guests next time? - Lisa O.

Rikki - Is he doing this jokingly or on a serious note? Not for nothing, I'm not a fan of making a scene but if he's not receptive during your conversations about it, then checking him in front of guests (or being macho right back in response) may just do the trick. Men hate being 'punked' in front of people. He may feel a way for a while, yall may even argue. But on the other hand, he may get a taste of his own medicine and cut his crap.

Petrie - Dear Lisa O, I would check him next time but nicely since you've already addressed it privately & he said your imagining it. So the next time he does it check him & say is it my imagination now lol....Good Luck,Peach


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