Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November/December 2014

1. My boyfriend wiped his sperm off my boobs with a tshirt and a few minutes later he wiped me down there with the same shirt. Could I be prego??? - NCL
Rikki - NCL, you have no need to be worried about being pregnant as a result of being wiped off with a shirt that has semen on it. Seminal fluid dries out very quickly when its outside the body. Once its dried, the sperm die almost instantly. On the human hand, the survival time of sperm would be very short, so i really doubt that you can get pregnant from the semen that was on his shirt--they probably died before the shirt even touched your vaginal area. Further more, sperm need energy and acceleration to race towards your egg, it gets that rush from the force of ejaculation. They cant just crawl off of a shirt, up inside your vagina, and find their way. So don't go panicking or buying baby clothes--you're just fine.

Petrie - Dear NCL, sperm can live on inanimate objects (such as clothing, sheets, toilet seat, etc) for a few hours but it's highly unlikely that your pregnant if he didn't ejaculate in you. Petrie

2. Is it wrong that I want to die a virgin because I want to Remain Pure Forever? I'm a 26 year old male and I love being a virgin, I'm proud of it. - Adam Grove11

Rikki - Adam Grove11, many people take the vow of purity--you aren't the only one. Some people may wait for marriage. Others may wait just because of personal preference. If you are proud to be a virgin, than take that title and wear it proudly! You're only 26, who knows...maybe one day you will marry the woman of your dreams and decide to see what all the fuss is about ;-) Never be ashamed of your personal choices.

Petrie - Dear Adan Grove, no it's not wrong if that's what you want to do then do it its your life! Petrie

3. I am engaged to my 5 year long distance boyfriend but I'm in love with another man now.What should i do? - Anonymous

Rikki - Anonymous, there is only room in your heart to love one person. "Loving" two people would mean that one is loved more than the other. Are you in love with this other man or in lust? You accepted a ring, which is the first step toward a life long commitment towards someone. Did you accept just because its been 5yrs and rumor has it that you should be engaged by now? I would take these next few months before your wedding to really have a 1 on 1 with your heart--leave your mind out of it (easier said than done). I would try and figure out what your heart wants and follow it. Its unfair to marry someone when your heart isn't in it. Good luck! (and stop screwing the other dude....what? you didn't think we'd figure that one out? ;-) )

Petrie - Dear Anonymous, do both of y'all a favor and let him go, it's not fair for all parties involved including yourself. Be honest and let your fiancé go. Goodluck, Petrie


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