Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September/October 2014

1. I'm a 46 year old single man living in Chicago. I have friends who say if you're in your 40's & never been in a serious relationship maybe your gay. I always laughed it off but now I'm actually wondering is there something wrong with me? What do you guys think? - Singled Out

Petrie - Dear singled out, personally I don't think your gay just because your single, if u have to second guess yourself then there's something's u should get straight with yourself. First, do u think your gay? Are u attracted to men? These are some questions u need to ask yourself.....Petrie

Rikki - Singled Out, I don't think there is anything wrong with you, maybe other than commitment issues. Maybe that's what's hindering you from having a serious relationship with someone. I wouldn't question your sexuality however unless you have noticed a slight attraction to men. Maybe you haven't found the woman worth settling down with. I really want to assume that you aren't a virgin. If you are, then um...yea....you may want to look deeper into the cause.

2. My boyfriend likes to slap me in the face when we're having sex. The harder he hits me the more he gets turned on. I told him I don't like it but when he doesn't hit me he can't climax. I want to please him but I can't continue to get smacked. What do we do? - WorriedMee

Petrie - Dear worriedMee, if u continue to allow him to do it he will point blank period. You have to walk away if you don't like it....Goodluck Petrie

Rikki - WorriedMee, there's a fine line between being kinky and being hurt physically. Sounds like you are treading that line. If he want to smack you, suggest that you all try ass smacking. That can be a turn on for both of you depending on how high your threshold for pain is. Redirecting him from your face may be a good idea at this point. You don't want to be dull in the bedroom, but you also dont want to walk around with hand prints on your face.

3. I've been dating this guy for about 2 months & I really like him. He took me to meet his parents & I was shocked because I know his mom! She's been seeing my mom for almost a year! My mom is an open lesbian & she thinks they're in a committed relationship. He always says that his parents have been happily married for 22 years, should I tell him his mom is cheating on his dad? With my mom?? For almost a year?? - Texas Tea

Petrie - Dear TexasTea, absolutely not, but I would have a talk with his mother & make her come clean. I would talk to your mom as well, your in a difficult spot but I wouldn't be the one to tell it. It's not your burden to bare....Petrie

Rikki - Texas Tea, Wow! This is different! What I would do is speak with your mom. Has your mom met him? I wouldn't go to the point of telling him just yet. Tell your mom, and let your mother hash it out with her girlfriend. Once that smoke clears, or rather that side of the issue is handled, it will be left up to his mother to clear the air with her son. And she probably will out of fear that you are going to blow her up anyway.


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