Thursday, July 3, 2014

July/August 2014

1. My future mother in-law prefers her ex daughter in-law. She has no problem with telling me this. She's not mean to be but she's very distant & barely speaks. How can I fix this? - Ignored

Petrie - hello Ignored,let her choose her u don't have to sleep with her at night your husband needs to correct that, I would treat her like she treats me! Petrie

Rikki -  Ignored, Sometimes older women can be stuck in their ways and they get comfortable with what or who they are used to. There is nothing that you can do but give her time. Eventually she will grow to see you as the person that her son loves ,and she may even see in you what he does. It just takes time. It will be ok! She's not used to change that's all :-)

2. My husband has no job since we got married. He wants me to quit my job & go to Florida with him to live with his folks. What should I do? - Lana

Petrie -dear Lana,how long have u guys been married?& I'm inclined to say no don't do it especially if you don't have a job lined up. Petrie

Rikki -  Lana, In my opinion, instability is never something that can be chanced. I would discuss the move with your husband and let him know that one if not both of you should have a job lined up and secured before moving to Florida--it would be great to move into your OWN place considering you are leaving your OWN place. I wouldn't leave one job until I have another, especially in another location. I left my job also some years ago to move out of town with my husband--the difference is he was 100% stable in our new location and had a very well paying job secured so the risks of relocating were no longer there. I hope this helps.

3. I've been sleeping with a guy for 4 years now & he's been with his girlfriend for 6 years. Does he have any feelings for me? 4 years is long for him not to right?? - Anonymous

Petrie - Dear Anonymous, there's no nice way to say this No he has no feelings for u if he did he still wouldn't be with his girl,your a piece of ass&what man is going to turn down ass that's giving freely? Petrie

Rikki - Anonymous, This is the classic case of having his cake and eating it too. If he cared enough or loved you at all--he would be with you 100%. Unfortunately he doesn't see anything in you that is worth him leaving her. He enjoys the sex, thats about it. But he enjoys hers also, if not more. You are just that "different but familiar" thing for him. Sorry, but thats all. You need to move on and stop knowingly and willingly sleeping with a man who is in a relationship--he's just not that into you.


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