Monday, May 5, 2014

May/June 2014

1. My girlfriend wants to breakup over something I did not do. She insists I'm seeing other women when I'm not, should I give up and let her go? Eye Tear

Petrie: Dear Eye Tear, is there a way that u can prove to her that your not seeing other women? And if so have u done it? If u have proved it to her & she still continues to accuse u then it's her own insecurities that she is dealing with & it has nothing to do with u. You may have to let her go, but only u can decide whether or not she's worth it. Goodluck~~~~Petrie

Rikki: Eye Tear, it sounds like there's no trust. A relationship cannot flourish if there is no trust. Have you asked her about her insecurities? Have you cheated on her before and she cannot get past it? I don't know how much time you have invested into this relationship but without trust its pointless.

2. What would you say in response to your parents when they tell you that their financial problems are "your fault" b/c they had kids? - Tallie

Petrie: Dear Tallie, I wouldn't say anything at all, just know in your heart that that's not true. U didn't ask to be here & it's not your fault. But to say that would be disrespectful so I would just walk away or not say anything. Petrie

Rikki: Tallie, unfortunately, we cannot choose our parents. Your parents sound stressed for money, however, it is not YOUR fault that they are going through something financially. THEY made the decision to have children. Once that decision was made, they knew what it took to maintain that responsibility. It is never the child's fault. Hope this helps, keep your head up!

3. I have this girlfriend who likes me to pull her thong up really high into her butt during sex. Why is that? Are girls turned on by this? - Swirl950

Petrie: Dear Swirl950, to each there own, different people like different things. So if she likes it, I love it. Keep doing what pleases her~~~Petrie

Rikki: Swirl950, her thong shouldn't be on during sex, thats first! Secondly, everyone has their own fetishes. Maybe this is just hers. If it helps the climax and the moment, go for it ;-)


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