Thursday, January 9, 2014

January/February 2014

1. My boyfriend hit me, but it was only once. Should I break up with him? - AngelMe

Petrie - Dear AngelMe….Yes!

Rikki - AngelMe, I am a "no tolerance" type of woman. I will not tolerate infidelity or physical abuse. If he hit you once he will hit you again--especially if he sees that hitting you didn't cause any repercussions from you. I would definitely break up with him. You have to know your worth Hun.

2. I have agreed to let my husband share me in bed with his best friend .. I know I will love it but am concerned how I will feel afterwards. Should I do it? - Anonymous

Petrie - Dear Anonymous, Hell No. You will regret It....Petrie

Rikki - Considering how many ways this can go wrong, I would not put myself nor my spouse in that situation. If you and your husband really want the experience of a threesome, I would suggest using someone that isn't a close friend of either one of you.

3. I told my fiance I was a virgin when I'm not. He thinks on our wedding night it will be both of our first time. My sister said I can't start off our life together with a lie, should I tell him the truth? - Bridezilla232

Petrie - Thats a very loaded question, personally I wouldn't tell him because What he doesn't know won't hurt him. But on the other hand theres people in your circle that knows the truth & might tell him so I would say tell him before anybody else & u get married….Petrie

Rikki - Bridezilla, In most serious relationships, the "what's your number" conversation comes up. Most people like to know a persons sexual history in terms of number of partners when they are serious with them. I would tell him way before the wedding night because it's only fair to him to know that he isn't sharing a special moment with you. Honesty is best especially if you are about to marry him....call me lame :-) but I always believe in telling the truth because I want it told to me.


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