Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December 2013

1. My boyfriend wants us to have sex on the streets of Time Square this New Years Eve when the ball drops. He wants his brother to tapes us while we do it also. I really don't want to do it but I promised him I would. What should I do?   -Camera Shy

Petrie - Dear camera shy......I would have a long talk with my boyfriend and tell him your concerns and why u do not want to do it. I'm all for spontaneous fun but to video it & by his brother no less I don't think that's a good idea. U can change your mind people do it everyday boo don't be scared......Petrie

Rikki -  Camera Shy,  On the streets or in the car? I'm always one for thrill--but this one definitely depends on the type of risky AND risqué person you are. Times Square + New Years Eve + The Ball Dropping= THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE and tons of law enforcement. So its definitely up to you if you want to take that chance or not. Not to mention the websites and social networks you guys will end up on if you're caught! However, if you are considering the car as your place of "business" then it may not be as public. Trying to start of the new year with a "Bang" huh?

2. Just found out that my boyfriend of 4 years is my 2nd cousin. I love him but the thought of us being family makes me want to leave. He says he wants to stay together. What do you think? - Anonymous

Petrie - Dear anonymous, the deed is done, y'all been together for 4 years already. The only concern I would have is if y'all had children, would that affect them in anyway. I would talk to a doctor....Petrie

Rikki - Anonymous,  First let me ask, how old are you? I ask this because if you are young and just looking to "date," then this question may really be a question for you. However, if you are older, then you need to think about longevity and stability. Granted, yall have been together for 4 years, but consider the future--kids, marriage, etc. These things cannot really happen if your mate is your relative. So if he's cool with it, maybe he's only considering the "now." But as you grow, you will begin to want more out of your relationship, and unjustly, more from your "cousin." Hope this helps!

3. I really like you guys and I read your column every month. Are you guys in relationships? If not what kind of guy are you looking for?  - 8Mile Q

Petrie - Dear 8Mile, no I'm not in a relationship, not looking at the moment but when I do, I want a hardworking humble god fearing man (doesn't have to be religious) spiritual is a must & is confident in the skin he's in. Loyalty is a must for me, I could go on and on but I won't lol. Thx for asking & keep reading.

Rikki - 8Mile Q, Thank you for the love and support! We really love writing for you all and answering all of your questions! I am married, so I'm not looking for any kind of guy :-)    
Thanks for showing love!


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