Monday, August 5, 2013

August 2013

1. My boyfriend is a 23 year old virgin. I am not a virgin. We've decided to have sex, should I do anything to make it special for him? - Orange489

Rikki: Dear Orange489, Definitely make it special considering you know he's a virgin. Remember, people ALWAYS remember their first. Make sure you set the bar high (wink)

Petrie: Dear Orange489, men are not like women in that aspect & it really depends on your man. Is he the romantic type? I would light some candles, give him a bubble bath wear a sexy negligee, give him a massage & ride that pony lol...best wishes peach❤


2. My girlfriend wants to breakup over something I did not do. She insists I am seeing other women when I am not. Should I give up and just let her go? - ELast1102

Rikki: Dear Elast1102, Trust as always is one of those make it or break it subjects. If she doesn't trust you, unfortunately she probably never will. Its time to let go, considering you haven't done anything wrong to her. Sorry, but this isnt going to work.

Petrie:  Elast1102, personally I would let her go, if she has no proof she must be doing something. That may not necessarily be the case but things aren't adding up. Either your creeping & lying & she knows or she's creeping & her conscience is killing her that's why she's accusing u. I say let her GO, Peach❤  


3. My dad said he will not allow any of my black friends in his house. I'm a senior & my 2 best friends are black. They always ask me why don't we ever go hang out at my house and I just change the subject. Should I tell them? - KailyOKC

Rikki: Dear KailyOKC, I wouldn't necessarily tell them that your dad is racist. That could cause your friendship with them to go sour. You're young, so when they ask to hang out at your house just tell them "my dad is buggin today," I'm sure they would understand. I've actually gone through this. Speaking from personal experience, its best to keep your dad and your best friends separate in this case. I'm still friends with the person i'm referring to TIL THIS DAY because I kept them and my parent separate. Hope this helps.

Petrie: KailyOKC I would tell my friends straight up my dad is prejudice & he doesn't want you all in his house. That's no reflection on u but it is his house & until your able to live on your own u have to abide by his rules (as racist & stupid as they may be)...Peach❤

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