Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 2013

1. My wife use to give bjs to guys she met a pubs all the time. After 16 years of marriage, I'm still waiting. Doesn't matter how many hints I drop. WTF? - Aggravated

Petrie: Dear Aggravated, Sorry to be the barer of bad news but obviously u got some wrong intel, how do u know that she use to give blow-jobs to guys in pubs? After 16 years of marriage & she's never given u a blow job I would say she never will. If u had a problem with this, this should have been a discussion between the two of u way before this & not just dropping a hint or two. Who does that? You all are both adults act like it&talk about it.....Petrie❤

Rikki: Dear Aggravated, After 16 years of marriage you haven't received any form of oral sex yet? Ever? That's odd... I mean granted everyone isn't into that, but that is a long time to be with someone. Maybe you should present it in another way, create an opportunity to add "spice" into the relationship and intimate moments, and perhaps performing oral sex on her will encourage some action on her part. Good luck!


2. What do I do if my girlfriend kissed another guy when she was on vacation? I don't want to lose my relationship over something like this but it's hard to get over. - AngelNYC

Petrie: Dear Angel: A kiss? What kind of kiss (peck, tongue), was she tipsy/drunk? Did it mean anything to her or was it just a random dude? (Are they still in contact with each other?) Those are some questions u need to ask her, obviously it wasn't a good kiss cause it didn't go any further. Me personally, I would say let it go, but I'm not u. Only u know what u can tolerate & handle, u should have a long talk with her, let her know how u feel & what u will & will not tolerate.....Petrie❤

Rikki: Dear AngelNYC, Trust and insecurities are things that are hard to "fix" in relationships, you can't unscramble eggs and once someone messes up its hard to forgive and forget. However if you truly love your girlfriend you can try to move forward with your relationship, and hopefully she doesn't slip up anymore. And no more vacations without you for a while :-)


3. My boyfriend likes us to pretend we're kittens and puppies during sex. He barks & likes me to lick myself and purr. I think it's weird but that's the only way he seems to enjoy himself. What does this mean? - Anonymous

Petrie: Dear Anonymous: your dude is A Freak lol, but that's a good thing in my opinion. It's nothing wrong with that as long as he's not trying to bring no puppies or kittens in the bedroom with u, I say go with the flow, GET YA FREAK ON Ma....

Rikki: Dear Anonymous, Some people have weird fetishes and fantasies. If this is the only problem you see with your sex life, I think you have it kind of good lol. As long as it doesn't make you uncomfortable I say it's cool to do from time to time to keep your partner stimulated. Consider it role play, and if that's his thing, consider other roles also in the bedroom (teacher and student, doctor and patient, etc).


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