Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 2013

1. My Boyfriend continues to tell me he isn't doing anything wrong even though I never accused him of anything. Does that mean he's cheating? - Dream Chaser

Rikki: Dream Chaser, That isn't necessarily the case. Usually the rumor is that the one who accuses is the one who's actually doing something wrong. However, if you dont see any signs, I would say its safe to assume that he's just trying to assure you. But if things look fishy, its a possibility he's making a horrible attempt at covering his ass. Hope this helps.

Petrie: Dear dream chaser,why does he feel the need to keep saying he's not doing anything? Seems like a guilty conscience to me,I would tread lightly& keep your eyes wide open-Petrie❤


2. I've been having lesbian sex with my college room mate. We do it almost every night but when we're done she always tells me she isn't gay. She also disrespects gays when we're around other people. Should I stop sleeping with her? - Mia3481

Rikki: Mia3481, Let me start off by saying that a lot of wild and crazy things happen during the college years. Your room mate may very well be into men, although she enjoys the feeling that she gets from you. Because that is your actual lifestyle, opposed to her who may just be doing it for fun, I'd say find someone who takes it just as seriously as you do and leave that one alone. Especially if her slandering others offends you, its time to move on to having that experience with someone who's on your same page.

Petrie: Dear Mia3481, RED ALERT, She's in denial & you are too, yes. If I were u I would stop sleeping with her, she's obviously not ready to accept her sexual orientation. You need to reevaluate as well~~~~Petrie❤


3. I have been with my man for about a year and a half, we recently moved in together. Is it appropriate to not know his kids? (they live in the same town) - StepGirl

Rikki: StepGirl, This one is always tricky. When it comes to children, its hard for a parent to really know when its "the right time." What kind of conversations do you guys have concerning the children? Have you expressed a desire to meet them? Are you a parent yourself? If you are, you may be able to understand the wait. However, if you guys seem pretty serious and have moved in, I'm sure that you will be meeting them soon, as it seems that you guys are headed forward in your relationship.

Petrie: Dear StepGirl, where they do that@? Hell Yes that's highly inappropriate especially if they live in the same town. You should ask him what's that about? Have u met the mother or mothers of the kids? If not.... Its only 1 reason u never met the kids, he's still SCREWING HER OR THEM (if he has more than 1 baby mama) y'all been together for over a year & a half and y'all live together, you should know his kids,...EPIC FAIL PERIOD!!! DON'T GO FOR THAT STAND UP FOR YOURSELF ~~~~Petrie❤

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