Monday, May 6, 2013

May 2013

1. I have a recurring fantasy about watching my wife with another man. Would it be a good idea to pursue this in real life? - Lou Fingaz

Petrie: Lou fingaz, in my opinion that should be left as a fantasy, I think your opening up a can of worms & a whole new element into your marriage, that u might not be quite ready for. Have u discussed this with your wife? & if so was her response positive or negative? Have u ever thought about role playing? Dress up like the man in your fantasy& be the fantasy, good luck...petrie 

Rikki: Lou, Its always a good feeling when a desire or fantasy is finally fulfilled. However, everything comes with a consequence. This can be a risky situation because it may not be as fun once you actually witness another man pleasing your wife. What if she likes it? What if she LOVES it? What if he's better than you? Are you ready to deal with all of these possible questions that may arise?


2. I gave my step-mom a hug from the back and she rubbed her but on my penis area, now I fantasize about having sex with her. Should I confront her? - Norbush

Petrie: Norbush, this is a disaster waiting to happen. Hell no don't confront her, my suggestion to u is find someone else to fantasize about.....petrie  

Rikki: Norbush, This woman is your stepmother. Not a female friend, or a random woman that you've encountered on a club dance floor. The thoughts are impure enough, but can not be controlled because its all apart of your psyche--however, confronting her would be a great disrespect to both her and your father. Leave it alone, and work on getting those fantasies out of your head. Try hugging a different woman from the back, maybe it will help ;-)

3. I enjoy watching gay porn as much as I like watching straight. I am not sexually attracted to men so is this normal? - Anonymous

Petrie: Anonymous, sorry to break it to u but if u have to ask u already know the answer. Maybe u haven't met the right man in real life yet that u are attracted to, it's obvious that your attracted to men because if u weren't u wouldn't be watching gay porn period.....petrie
Rikki: Anonymous, From my experiences with people, I would say no, this is not normal. People watch porn for sexual pleasure and arousal. If watching a scene with two men is pleasing to you, then it is very likely that two men being intimate with each other grants you sexual pleasure and arousal. There is some underlying attraction to men, or the thought of being pleasured by one, within you. You may have some bisexual tendencies or curiosities.


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