Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 2013

1. My husband & I have had 3sums w/ a friend & the other nite he was drinking and forgot to use a condom w/ her. I'm scared he could have gotten her preggo. She had an abortion last yr so how do I handle it if she is? I know she wont abort. Is this my fault? 
- Lanny220

Petrie: Lanny220, first off no judgements y'all are all consenting adults,do u& your husband have children together?does she have any children?the morning after pill works  for five days& it won't cause a moral dilemma like an  abortion my could,and if you all consider to continue to do this then you all need to discuss different types of birth control, best wishes petrie❤.......

Rikki: Dear Lanny, The tricky part about three-somes is the issue of a condom. Do you use one with your partner AND the guest? Do you switch them before using them on each person? Do you not use one at all? Thats where things get complicated. If you chose to have a threesome, then ultimately you set yourself up for these kind of situations. The better question is, why did your husband "release" into your friend? If she is pregnant, that's something that you and her need to sit down and discuss as friends. Her having a baby by your husband is something that I DOUBT you can live with.


2. Should I break up with my girlfriend? I found out she's dated a bunch of guys on internet at once and she has talked sexually via e-mail to a "bed buddy" right before we went out? I admit I'm more conservative and I worry she still might be doing this behind my back. What do u guys think? - Abram

Petrie: Abram, stop being so insecure has she given u Any reason not to trust her? Her past is just that her past,u have one too....petrie❤

Rikki: Abram, you can't hold her past over her head. If she engaged in these sorts of things before you began dating her, then you shouldnt stress it. You knew she had that past before you decided to pursue a relationship with her. Do you love her? Do you love her enough to put her past behind her? If you cant, and you do not trust her, its unfair to both of you to continue with the relationship.


3. I have been with my husband for 8 years, I'm 25 he's 35. I had a very bad childhood, some F***** up sh*t happened to me. I've told him about all of it. Still he always asks me to do things in bed that reminds me of my past, knowing that it hurts me. Why would he do that? What should I do?  - Ms.Heartache

Petrie: Ms.Heartache there's no easy way to say this run & run like hell,u should have left the very first time he asked you to do anything remotely  bad that he knew would hurt you,sorry u waisted 8 years of your life on this sadistic fool,shame on him,my heart goes out to you,you deserve better....petrie❤

Rikki: Dear Ms. Heartache, One thing to take into account is the age difference--because of the ten year gap, you all may expect certain things of one another because of where you are in life (age-wise). If things that occur in your marriage remind you of hurtful events from your past, it may be wise to sit down and talk to your husband about the severity of the situation. If he still pursues these things, knowing that it hurts, it may be time to sit down with a counselor or a professional to help keep your marriage together. 

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